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Yunsong Chen is a Changjiang Distinguished Professor of Sociology at the Department of Sociology, Nanjing University. He earned his DPhil in sociology from University of Oxford, Nuffield College. From 2017 to 2020 he served as the Chinese Co-director of the Hopkins-Nanjing Center. His research interest broardly lies in analytical sociology, computational social science, advanced quantitative methodology, social capital and networks, and big data in social science. His recent academic work has appeared in leading sociological journals including British Journal of Sociology, Social Networks, Social Science Research, Poetics, and Social Science & Medicine, as well as first tier Chinese journals. He was awarded the Distinguished Scholarly Publication Award by the Lu Xueyi Sociology Development Foundation. His newer research agenda extends his earlier research to broader fields with novel data extracted from enormous volumes of digitized data (e.g., Google Books N-gram corpus, Baidu Search Engine, Sina-Microblog, Complete Tang Poetry, to name a few) and machine learning method to conduct quantitative sociological analysis.


Refereed Articles in English Journals  (* corresponding author)

  • He, Guangye, Yunsong Chen*, Senhu Wang, Yiqun Dong, Guodong Ju and Buwei Chen. 2020. “PM2.5 Exposure and Depression: The Use of Baidu Search Data as Proxy of Depression in China.” Dose Response. (forthcoming)
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  • Chen, Yunsong*. 2011. “The Causal Effect of Social Capital in the Labor Market: Identification challenges and strategies.” Chinese Sociological Review 44(2):76-100.

Selected Chinese Articles


Books and Translation Works

Chen, Yunsong, Guangye He and Fei Yan, 2021. Understanding China Through Big Data: Applications of Theory-oriented Quantitative Approaches, Routledge.

Chen, Yunsong, and Jiankun Liu, 2021. Subjective Social Staus among the Chinese, Nanjing University Press

Chen, Yunsong.2020. New Perspectives of Guanxi Social Capital,  Nanjing University Press

陈云松等译:《牛津社会学词典》(第四版),商务印书馆(2021)Original work: Oxford Dictionary of Sociology (4TH Edition), John Scott (ed.) Oxford University Press

陈云松等译:《解析社会:分析社会学原理》,南京大学出版社 (2010)Original work: Peter Hedström, 2005, Dissecting the Social: On the Principles of Analytical Sociology, Cambridge University Press


Selected Professional Service

Member of International Advisory Board, Sociology (Flagship journal of British Sociological Association) 2021-

Member of Editorial Board, Chinese Sociological Review 2021-

Member of Editorial Board, Social Science Research 2020-

Member of Editorial Board, Journal of Social Computing 2020-

Member of Executive Editorial Board, Journal of Chinese Sociology 2020-

Editor-in-chief,《中国研究》China Studies 2020-

Vice Secretary-General, Chinese Sociological Association 2020-